Saturday, December 13, 2008

Aviation week

Yesterday,met athena and siewfung in SOHO,spend time eating and chit chat. Well,i never know that cabincrew job are very demanding nowadays. Lots of benefits.... More than what i expected@flying@clubbing@free duty goody.

Today,my ex-labuan classmate Miraz with 4 flying cadet in bintulu international aviation academy drove down to miri to meet me. Having lunch in 925 then dinner in SOHO again. Sigh,miri night life are way back compare to other cities. *Youre not a pilot if you dunno to drink* so after our dinner we whn to JIN WU for (warming up) hahaha then head to balcony. Meet one of the flying instructor from bintulu too there. Wonder why i get so close with all my fyling crew frenz this week.Most of them shared their flying duties stuff. Makes me gatal gatal hati dream to be a pilot. Argh........

The biggest and brightess moon appeared in miri sky last night. Expected to be 30% brighter and 25& bigger than usual. Will have some shots if i bring out my camera last nite.

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