Wednesday, October 7, 2009


-Happy Birthday Jesz Jesz-
(lst right)
May your life fulfil with love and joy....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

happy moments...

Getting tired to blog sumtimes... i dunno wats make ppl so farkin emo lor whn i looked at my own post. Miss mummy to much maybe...wat to do~mama`s boy~ lol... 3 more weeks... balik kampung... yea yea! Cant wait... But finals......... makes ppl throw up sumtimes... Found my early age photo whn i browse through some album..hahaha... wanna cry sit next to granpa..Hemmati`s farewell dinner in Tania,Nilai.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I just realised.....

When the night getting silent
Ppl tends to think beyond their reality
Keep running, deeper into the wonderland
When the night blends with wind and bright star

I need the light from the sun to shine myself
So much,
I afraid i will always depends the dark
to fulfil my dreams to come true

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i told myself today........

Dont worry,
Its just a piece of tiny memory in your life.
More awaits you days to come

I told myself this today.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

-July events-

Uni Open Day 09

This lecturer...dude~ too much stress and make silly of himself in the weekend.. lolx

This guys looks like syanglong.. lolx.. i thought is him at the lst time

Wannabes tattoos...


YY Carmen Emily

Going to miss my lil sister. She's leaving this semester to hetfordshire University

Kelvin going to leave too this semester to Nebraska.

Roger And Derrick
Finally~~~ Cant wait to go home to spend time with frens and family in MIRI.... i miss all of you more than others here....:p

Sunday, June 28, 2009

27/6 KL

I managed to cope up with few ex-classmate from ALS. We didnt meet each other about a year. Finally.. everyone is free during the weekend. We meet up at KLCC... walked down to pavillion to God,i feel like bringing some donuts back here. Hahahaha... Went to Lowyat ... and Sg.Wang... Chit chat all the time... then micching,cindy,camelia need to catch up the train before evening time...hmm.... time flies.... Hoping for another day out with them again.

Took outside KLCC.PavillionCamelia. Their ex classmate during highschool.Jco Jco Jcocindy cindy cindywait for 45 minutes still cant manage to get tickets for Transfomers... My god... Both lewis and i reli pissed off.

Old town cafe in Lowyat
Went to Damansare(The Club) with lewis for badminton today. He cant play well. I guess tats a good thing for me in mix double whn i get back to challedge lewis and flora... hahahaha
Coconut juice. Damn refreshing after a few game.

Went dimsum for lunch with lewis's mum. Dinner with them in Dragon Restaurant. Thanks a lot for their hospitality. Lewis's mum afraid i starve to death in Nilai but hahaha.. i never save my money for food all the time. Cant wait for another day with them again.

Yea... im going back Miri this friday....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fades away

Why everyone complaimed they have rough time all the time?
Failing every tiny bits taste of life.
Dont we have anything to be happy for?
I understood this today.
Routine daily life just wont satisfies all our thoughts.
Having something new doesnt mean we can own it.
i just walked pass through too many odds decision in my mind this week.
I hate it when i cant get things i wanted so much.
And yet,
Keeping to myself everything single bits of this shit
When you try to tell sumone how u felt for the past days
They just think its too easy to solve
Honesty is the best policy
ppl cant get this definition right.
My parents fullfilled everything they could for me
but deeply inside,
Sumthing is missing too long,
you cant even ask if for urself.

Im not telling the whole world that i feel emotional these days,
i want ppl to realise,
Not eveything is belongs to us until we get over with the painful part.
I hate to suffer alone all the time.
Visuality getting blur each day,
By dawn
you will realise another day has past.
How many tomorrows does it take to find back what i lost many yesterdays ago?