Sunday, June 28, 2009

27/6 KL

I managed to cope up with few ex-classmate from ALS. We didnt meet each other about a year. Finally.. everyone is free during the weekend. We meet up at KLCC... walked down to pavillion to God,i feel like bringing some donuts back here. Hahahaha... Went to Lowyat ... and Sg.Wang... Chit chat all the time... then micching,cindy,camelia need to catch up the train before evening time...hmm.... time flies.... Hoping for another day out with them again.

Took outside KLCC.PavillionCamelia. Their ex classmate during highschool.Jco Jco Jcocindy cindy cindywait for 45 minutes still cant manage to get tickets for Transfomers... My god... Both lewis and i reli pissed off.

Old town cafe in Lowyat
Went to Damansare(The Club) with lewis for badminton today. He cant play well. I guess tats a good thing for me in mix double whn i get back to challedge lewis and flora... hahahaha
Coconut juice. Damn refreshing after a few game.

Went dimsum for lunch with lewis's mum. Dinner with them in Dragon Restaurant. Thanks a lot for their hospitality. Lewis's mum afraid i starve to death in Nilai but hahaha.. i never save my money for food all the time. Cant wait for another day with them again.

Yea... im going back Miri this friday....

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