Sunday, January 11, 2009

Port Dickson Trip09

Woke up early in the morning,took the earliest INTI bus to PD. Reached PD beach around 9pm. After putting all our stuff in the tent. Went out for lunch. Dont really like food in N.Sembilan. Food never taste better than miri. After lunch,we played a game call `frisbee'. Its just like throwing a disc to a dog but instead we throw to human and score for points.

~Pony~ 10bucks per ride

we rent a bungalow with 4 rooms. Having our bbq dinner in roof courtyard outside the house. The next day went to the 'rou gan' factory. they mix dragon fruit in and it taste sweet. Nothing special compare to others but their products are preservative-free.

Hmm...Still prefer sunset in miri. Felt odd when enjoying the sunset in PD.
Feel you in the dark,
Feel you in the light,
Never gets better if you never change.

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