Friday, September 26, 2008


Well, i reached KL around 11pm Tuesday night and straight away went down town to find a hotel to stay. The purpose im going here again because some 'sensible but unintelligent' ANG MO rejected my 1st application for my visa. The reason was only because one of my document do not have a stamp from the bank. If they really want to sort my detail whether it's genuine they can just give a call to the bank.The next morning straight away take 2 trip of LRT to MCA building. -The best transport to travel around KL city, no traffic jam and stuff-
After my visa application,me and my father went to Teesside Regional office in Midvalley to write an authorization letter for my agent to take my visa. After that,went down town to to buy my mum's favourite Ipohtown coffee.

My flight back to miri was around 3pm afternoon. So after i check out from my hotel we straight away went to PAVILLION to get some J.CO donuts. Since all our family like it so i bought 2 dozen back. i thought im the only SAKAI who bought that much. Who knows,a guy came in and bought 4 dozen.

Called a taxi from KL plaza around 12pm and straight to the airport. 5.15pm,home sweet home.

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