Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Time with friends.

Around 3a.m this morning,i can't sleep so i woke up. Took my laptop to the living room and started to online. Then i saw "Ting~,Lewis Yong is online"... We didnt talk to each other since he left miri. So i Video Call him. What surprise me was flora in his room too. Wah,long time didnt chat liao. So we chit-chat for around 30 minutes because they wanted to go for laundry after that. They told me lots of stuff about manchester. When you ask ppl or direction in manchester. The best answer is "Look in Google map"... Told me that they have their handphone by today. So nextime is easier to find them because i got a FREE skype account.
-Honeymoon couple in manchester for 3 years-

After that went to bed,woke up around 10am. Felt sick and stayed at home. My parents and brother all went visiting because today is Hari Raya. Then,i remembered that Fynna told me shez open house today. So went there around 8pm. Jess was there too. We recall back all our friends in high school. Hahaha,everybody has their own story.
I look so not vivid in the picture,my head pain still bordering me lil bit and i didnt ate since this morning.I think we didnt took picture with each other for 1 year liao. Sigh,everybody is busy with their life. Masa pun tak cukup for us to chit-chat in fynna's place so plan to go out together one day to continue our humour conversation. Before we left we took a group photo.

After that went down to Boulevard to buy some stuff for my grandma. Traffic jam started from pujut to miri town. Then went back home.

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