Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tired of waiting

I still dont know how long should i wait for my visa. If it's not today then tomorrow. If i cant get it by this week. I think i'm not going to teesside this semester. Sigh,waiting=stress.

I went to E SHI JI singing competition last saturday. I'm expecting something BIG from this competition but at last,really dissapointing all the audience. BECAUSE,the organizing chairperson told the local newspaper that they are doing the most high quality sound system and providing the most luxurious music stage for the singers. At last,most of the singers not satisfied with what they're promised before the competition. Sigh, dont try to bluff if you cant do it.

Now, i really dont have mood to do other stuff. What so fcuking hard for approving a visa. I guess i need to go to the beach this evening,the best moody medicine for me is sitting infront of the sea and watch sunset alone.

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