Friday, October 24, 2008

Raining raining and raining...

Never stop raining this few days in miri. It always rains in the evening time. I stayed at home for 3 days,cant get my ass out in the evening time from home because of this showery weather.
Sometimes,we really can make fun when its raining. My 1st time playing under the rain was in Lambir2001 when we have a trip to Lambir waterfall after our UPSR exam.

When i woke up this morning, i was shocked when i received a msg from dad telling me that there's a fire in Lutong oldshop. I cant believe what he said until i went there myself to look whats really happening. OMG,who can believe fire come into sight when its heavy rain? The age of the shop is almost the age of my grandpa around 80+ years old. When i was a kid, i always went to one of the shop to buy some fishing goody for fishing. Til now,15 years i never change and still buying goody from that shop because i always get a good price from the tauke. Sadly,the shop only left dust behind.

Fishing shop was the last one to burn.(the black wall on the pic.)

Weather do influence on ppl'z emotion. It takes years to build a boat but take few seconds to destroy it. Now then i realize what i've done before is just a waste. Never appreciate what i've done. Its only moving the tongue and lip to say "i do".

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