Sunday, October 12, 2008

Effort still doesnt pay off~

After my 2nd attempt on my visa,i still cant get through. I accepted the truth that i cant move farther to Tees Valley. The reason are distint and SILLY. I just filled the wrong answer in my application form.This continuous failure will teach me a lesson to be rational when failure struck on life. I dont think this is a dead end in my life.

I will be going back to RIT to take my cert today and most probably will drop by L&P after lunch. I'm choosing 2+2 american degree program in INTI SubangJaya. Enrollment will be the whole month of November and admission will be on the 5th JAN'09.

Well,after all this miserable 'thingy' happened AND i still need wait for the next intake in JAN. Dad bought me a RodBike so that i can spend my time for sports rather than stay at home. Next month i will be joining a fund raising cycling event for PEIMIN. 200 kilometres cycling from miri to bintulu. I'm starting my training from this week onwards.


cyndizz said...

u confirm go inti thr?
that skul vy normal nia o...
I'm not sure whtr their twinning good or not.U shud ask ken hong,he told me his sis or bro studied thr before n not so good ler..

rogerwoodford said...

Now is improving,Of cuz before is not so good,kenz sister is thr and now in US d~ im taking American Degree Program. Might just spend 1 year or 18 months there only... Monash also in SubangJaya bah.. So i think nextime we could meet...hehe