Saturday, November 1, 2008


Went to swimming with brother this afternoon. No one in the pool except me and my brother. After those rainy day for weeks,the sun start to rise again~ phew.... If still non-stop raining,my weight will be as heavy as a truck. Im HALF-DEAD on thursday night because im joining my new cycling group. They are rapid and fully energize. Not manage to take some photo,will try nextime. Night cycling is way fun then day light cycling. Especially when you saw some pretty girls looking at you from the car, will give a jab of adrenaline pumping into the blood vain.(This is only for reference ).... Hahaha~

L&P just rang me up,told me i will be in INTI international campus in Nilai. So,not going to meet shiong long in Subang. Ass,staying in Subang is way more fun than Nilai.

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