Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tough weeks~

Didnt blog much recently,quite busy with all kind of stuff. Cant even list them down.
I lost my k810 so its hard for me to blog with picture,always forgot to bring my camera too. Well, always went fishing with dad during the weekend. I caught a grouper fish(SHI PAN) around 1kg. Haha.. tat was the biggest grouper i ever caught. Most of the time we fish at the river mouth. Tried to fish in kuala baram but at last end up not even a bite.

Last 2 weeks ago,sprained my muscle and been adviced by the doctor that i need to stop for 2 weeks in cycling. Will be continue next monday.

Heard a lot of rumous('FACTS') about RIAM Stundent Council not organize any event after our graduation. What the heck are they doing in college?! Most of the outsider's stundent complained they dont have the chance to visit local historic sites. AND i dunno wat farkin reason they cant organize PROM NITE once a year. During our days,we organized at least one activity a month. Pity them cant follow our foot steps.Niah Trip 07

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